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Excel Program

(New Version Miter 4.1 released Sept. 2006, all upgrades are free.)


$9.95 Ea.
The Compound Miter Excel Program will complement the Crown Molding & Trim book by providing instant calculations for all of the items covered in the book. The Excel Program contains all the charts and tables and can also be downloaded on a hand-held or lap top computer and taken to the job site with you.
(Note: This program is not a stand alone application. You must already have Microsoft Excel 97 or higher installed in order to run the Miter Excel Program, “Microsoft Works” spreadsheet will not run this program.)
If you do not have Excel 97 or higher, you can download a free program called OpenOffice to run the excel program at http://download.openoffice.org/
With our proven compound miter products you will become a master of cutting compound miter angles, whether it be crown moulding, flowerpots, birdhouses or gazebos. You will become a master of all. (See program features below.)


Quick & Easy, Guaranteed Results.”Install Crown Molding Like a PRO!”

Save up to 20% with combination packages.
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To use the Excel Program

Input the corner angle, the crown slope angle or any information required, press enter, and the correct miter angle & blade tilt angle are displayed.It’s just that simple.

Compound “Miter4.1” Excel Program

Note: The Miter Excel Program© is not a stand-alone application. You must have Microsoft Excel 97 or higher installed on your computer to run the program, OR you may use the free download program called OpenOffice. OpenOffice will allow you to run the excel program as you would with Microsoft Excel 97 or higher and the download is FREE. If you do not have Excel 97 or higher then the free download for OpenOffice can be found here. http://download.openoffice.org/ Note: When you first open the Excel Program you will get a macro security warning. This is simply telling you that macros can contain viruses. I wrote the program and it does not contain any macros. To continue using the Excel Program close the macro warning.


Excel “Miter4.1” Program Features

Miter4.1 Excel Program Page Index: (Click on the links below to view a non-functional picture of the excel program pages. Use your browser back button to return.)



    • Miter Table
    • Crown Molding Table
    • Compound Miter Chart
    • Miter Calculator
    • Compound Miter Calculator
    • Cathedral Ceiling Calculator — page 1,
    • Fireplace Mantel (Shelves) — page 1,
    • Cornices — page 1,
    • Flowerpots Calculator (Birdhouse Gazebo) — page 1,
    • Bullnose Corners
    • Birdhouse Roof Dormers
    • Fractions to Decimals
    • Convert Roof Pitch to Degrees


Plus Free Program Upgrades.


crown1135 Deg Inside Corner

The Miter Excel Program provides the correct angles for the perfect cut each and every time for you crown moulding and trim.

Corner angle can vary from 0 to 360 degrees & Crown Moulding slope angle can vary from 0 deg (horizontal) to 90 deg (vertical).

ust measure the corner angle with the True Angle® tool , enter the corner angle, crown slope angle and you are set.

It is just that simple!

Drawing Kit-500x500
Up to 10,000 sides any wall angle.

Multi-sided projects are updated each time you enter any input variable (i.e., Size, Wall Angle, Number of Sides, and Height desired) from 3 to 10,000 sides with wall angles from 0 to 90 degrees.

The Miter Excel Program© is the perfect accessory for the Crown Molding & Trim. Install it Like A PRO! book. You will discover how quick & easy installing crown moulding and trim can be. Proven results.Guaranteed or your money back!Don’t forget! You will need an accurate corner measurement using our True Angle® tools .


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