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Installation Kit

This comprehensive Drawing Kit is a convenient way for the architect, hobbyist or designer to eliminate guesswork, save time and work with high quality, precision equipment. Features The Original True Angle 7” tool for quick and easy angle defining and measuring. Tools are supplied in a heavy-duty zippered portfolio for convenient carrying.

Drafting kit includes:

  • Drafting Instrument Set
  • Triangular Architect Scale
  • 7” True Angle Tool
  • Fluorescent Triangle, 45/90 – 10”
  • Fluorescent Triangle, 30/60/ – 12”
  • Calibrated Flexible Curve, – 12”
  • Mechanical Pencil, .7mm
  • Refill Lead, .7mm, HB Degree
  • Dusting Brush – 10”
  • Stainless Steel Erasing Shield
  • Drafting Tape, ¾” x 10 yd.
  • Heavy Duty Zippered Vinyl Portfolio


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