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About Us

About us

Quint Measuring Systems, Inc. was started in 1995 by Richard and Carol Quint. During the first few years, the company designed, manufactured and distributed The Original True Angle, a patented 360 degree adjustable protractor/bevel square that Richard created for their general contracting and cabinet shop business.The Original True Angle rapidly became accepted internationally since the tool met a huge need. Much gathered data showed that 99.9% of all people on the face of the earth have a hard time making angles. The True Angle solved that problem by allowing the user of the tool to make any angle in under 5 seconds with no math needed. As the popularity of the True Angle grew, so did other areas of QMS.The company designed, and soon manufactured a full line of high precision, unbreakable, low cost squares and templates. The tools rivaled many of the best manufacturers in the world for quality, but reduced the cost by as much as 75%.

Today, the company continues to manufacture many of its core products, but has become an exclusive developer, manufacturer and distributor for inventors; an exclusive distributor of imported hand measuring and digital reading products; a publisher of books; a supplier of art and graphic supplies to various trades unions; and a creator of sewing and quilting tools.

In 2004, company personnel wrote and self-published, Crown Molding & Trim: Install It Like A Pro! The book became a best seller in many national chains.

The culture of the company is to be a solid, and dependable partner/supplier of high quality, and low cost products.